Monday, December 10, 2007

Yet another friend's sincere blog post

Please know, I am NOT a vain or arrogant person, by any means, so by me sharing where all Lydia is affecting people (through friends' websites mainly that I can link to), just be aware I want you to see how friends (and strangers!) are being changed and others' perspectives, or views, of our story.

I have a friend, named Amy Clark, who has a wonderful website, with a HUGE following, called  She is a very talented woman (superwoman, as I joke to her).  Check her out to learn from her, but also to read what she posted about our story.  Here is the blog entry she posted about us.  I personally enjoy her blog (through her MomAdvice site) and learn a great deal from her regarding homemaking, frugality, organization, creativity...the list goes on and on.  

Thank you, Amy, for thinking of us and sharing Lydia with your many readers!!!  I love ya!

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