Sunday, December 9, 2007

Awesome post about the memorial service...

12/09/2007 04:31pm by Amy

Well, my new dearest friend (and labor/delivery nurse), Renay, has posted another blog entry to share to all. 
It's a beautiful visual view (with explanations) of what Renay witnessed, through her very own eyes, at the service...and that is especially why I love it.  Please look at the pictures and read her thoughts...I feel like I say this all of the time now (I hope things I say don't get old), but you WILL be blessed if you check it out :-)

And I don't know why I feel the need to say all the Grey's Anatomy fans:  You know how Meredith (even though she annoys me sometimes) refers to Christina as "her person" (and vice versa).  I really do feel that way about Renay (remember this is a sudden, in a way, new and intense friendship). I KNOW she watches Grey's, so she will get this.  She is "my person."  But, as I have been jokingly (but seriously) saying to random acquaintances in my life this past week...I have "my PEOPLE" now.  I really don't JUST have "my person" in Renay (when before this week I could never have really said that about anybody).  I have like a posse, people.  And you know who you are, but I will list some of you (there are more...since SO many of you have just come through for me in so many ways during my pregnancy and especially this past week).  So, in addition to Renay, some of my people include (but are NOT limited to!): Jessica, Lindsay, Kristy, Lara (yes, Lara, you are!), and my two sisters-in-laws....Janice and Danyell.

I LOVE YOU  ALL.....stay tuned for updates as it appears we are now adding to our site much more frequently :-)

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