Friday, December 7, 2007

Another AMAZING post about Lydia

12/07/2007 03:14am by Amy

I have formed relationships in Lafayette (in just a little over a year's time since moving here) that are just UN"freakin" believable (I've been using that word a lot lately and I need to stop, but felt appropriate in this moment).  One of my newest friendships has also become one of my dearest and closest friends because we experienced Lydia's labor and delivery together.  Her name is Renay.  She composed an AMAZING (another word I've been using and heard a lot lately) post at her personal blog about us.  

You must read it, so go here!!!

What do you think?  Crazy, right?  Comment on her blog.  She will be touched and tickled by it.  I am the first comment in there (proudly) and you should read my response.  Renay has her own amazing story about being pregnant and delivering one of her beautiful sons, Owen.  I have not met Owen yet, but I can't wait to.  I'm telling you, this friendship is new and very developed in a short (but intense) amount of time.  That's just what makes it one of the many "God-things" that has come out of our Lydia's little (but BIG) life.

Once again, thank you, Renay, for posting what I cannot right now, but what I truly feel.  I LOVE YOU!