Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Six Months

06/03/2008 08:32am by Amy

It was six months ago today that we welcomed Lydia into this world. It was six months ago today that we said goodbye. I wish I had something poignant to say on this special date, but I don’t. I feel like all of my energy is directed toward my living child who needs me today. 

So, instead of my attempt at meaningful words, I am sharing a video with you. I thought it was the perfect day to share this music and moment with the world. This is a video of our friends, Lindsay and Mike, singing at Lydia’s memorial service. The acoustics and lighting are lacking, yet it is still beautiful and perfect. I just love them so much for blessing us (and now all of you) in this way. I requested two songs that I thought reflected our feelings about Lydia and God: It Is Well With My Soul and Wonderful, Merciful Savior. The message still holds true today. Lydia—when in my womb, when born and passed in my arms, when in heaven and NOT physically with us here today—was and continues to be well with our souls. He is a wonderful and merciful savior And He gives us the healing and grace.

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