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06/29/2008 09:26pm by Amy

are meaningful to me.  Since Lydia's passing, every time I see one I think of her.  I don't really see them all that often, which makes it extra special when I do have that moment.  

Did you know that a butterfly is a Christian symbol of resurrection?  The caterpillar signifies life here on earth.  It disappears into a cocoon and appears dead, but later emerges as a butterfly...far more beautiful and free than before.  Lydia emerged from her cocoon a glorious butterfly, bound not for this world but one very close by.  When I see a butterfly, I think of Lydia's new life in heaven, where every part of her is perfect... and I feel peaceful.

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift in the mail from some old friends from my mom's group in South Bend.  A card with a butterfly magnet on it, with a note that it was meant for us with our magnetic wall  :-).  AND a special card from the Potawatomi Zoological Society (zoo in South Bend) that reads:

Dear Focosi Family,
A commemorative brick has been purchased in memory of Lydia Grace.  The brick will be placed in the walkway that paves our new butterfly immersion exhibit--a lush and beautiful garden filled with butterflies.  The brick inscription will read:  IN LOVING MEMORY OF LYDIA GRACE

Isn't that just the neatest thing??? I don't even keep in touch with these friends like I would like, so I am especially humbled that they would do this.  It is such an appropriate way to honor and remember Lydia and I cannot thank them enough.  I can't wait to see the me an excuse to get up there.  SB friends-play date at the zoo, anyone???

I leave you with this...a butterfly in Lydia's garden in our yard.

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